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Northbridge Solutions is an IT services company dedicated to the highest standard of service with the edge of a personal touch. Throughout their years of experience in the field, the founders of Northbridge Solutions witnessed too many companies spending too much time worrying about their IT needs while paying too much money for low-quality IT services. We believe there is a better way for small to medium-sized businesses to manage their IT systems and budgets.

At Northbridge Solutions, we believe our customers should be able to focus on their principal business needs and clients, while we manage their systems at a reasonable price.


Northbridge Solutions was founded by two partners who have over 10 years of IT experience. The founders have each managed corporate networks as large as 1,500 computers, 30 servers, and numerous other devices. They have worked closely with technical partners such as: Cisco, Dell, IBM and Microsoft as well as many others. Their experience includes, but is not limited to database integration, disaster recovery, email management, desktop support, virus protection and remediation and web development.

The founders have a long history in client relationship management, project management and personnel management. They have orchestrated many high level projects in the corporate environment from inception to completion, while managing and coordinating technical teams with various skill sets.